Your satisfaction is our goal, the purpose of the Titan Gel Store as an online store. If the article you received does not match your expectations (due to manufacturing defects, or for any other reason), go to our contact page and ask us for the return form to exchange for a voucher or another article.

Print, complete, and sign the form, by joining it on the return of your item, up to 15 business days from the invoice date.

Observe the following conditions:

- Returns are not accepted where the plastic wrapping has been removed, or the tamper-proof seal (unless proven to be defective), or damaged original packaging;
- Always check if it is the product you want and / or ordered, before removing the plastic or the seal of guarantee of inviolability;
- Whenever you return the items, please check that they are properly packed in the original packaging as no returns with damaged packaging are accepted;
- The form of dispatch is the responsibility of the customer;
- Must be accompanied by the original invoice;

Can I cancel or modify an order?

Only if we have not yet made the order shipment.
Get in touch with us as soon as possible.